Local Number Portability (LNP) is not a requirement to list numbers with VanityNumbers.com. We feel portable numbers are more valuable though and we try to indicate as clearly as possible the portability status of each number and to explain the portability policies of each company. We also look for and seek out primarily portable pools of numbers, since our exposure and search-ability is most valuable for them as well. But we don’t turn away companies that haven't yet embraced portability because we believe over time all companies will realize the benefit of openness.

Customers Responsibility to check the Portability before purchasing It is ultimately the phone company providing the numbers decision to make their numbers portable and allow LNP. And it is the customers responsibility to find out the portability status of each number before they initiate service or purchase it. We do our best to provide this information, but things are not always as black and white as we might like them to be. So the information we provide should be used as a general guide only and may occasionally vary or change based on the number. So the customer must confirm this directly before any purchase or initiating service. For large companies the customer may also want to confirm this with more than one representative, since many representatives may not be very familiar with the subject. Some companies only have limited portability with certain companies Some phone companies may also have limited portability with the larger phone companies. For instance a small voip provider may only have portability agreements in place with a main incumbent carrier or a couple large or popular carriers. This may mean that in order to transfer a number to another smaller provider, you may have to transfer your number to the larger incumbent carrier which can then transfer numbers out to other smaller companies which you couldn't transfer to directly from the original voip provider.

Portability can take some Time You may need to keep a number active for 30 to 90 days or more, before it can be transferred. This is common and allows a customer time to get a bill for documentation and for all records to be updated. We call this letting the paint dry, and this may be necessary before making multiple changes.

Always keep your number Active It’s also important not to take for granted that your number has been transferred or is active. Phone numbers don’t have titles and property rights like physical property. But as the End User of Record, you have the right to continue to use a number as long as you keep it active. You have the right to use that number in any way you see fit, but with rights come responsibilities. And you also have the responsibility to keep it active and to pay the bill. If you cancel a number or don’t pay the bill (which is essentially one way to cancel a number) the phone company has the right to terminate your service and disconnect, discard, or reassign that number to another paying customer. Requirements and policies vary from company to company, and unfortunately those policies are usually written by lawyers primarily to protect the phone company, not the customer. So make sure you keep your number active and paid up at all times.

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