Our goals is just to get everyone in North America a memorable vanity number. We’ve built the best vanity number search tool in the world. We’re giving away versions of it for every phone company and telecom agent in the country so they can search their own numbers more effectively. We also want to make all of the numbers available in a common pool. VanityNumbers.com is not a phone company and we’re not selling or pushing any phone service. We simply refer customers to the companies with the best numbers available for your terms and needs.

It’s very easy to use. All you have to do is enter a word or couple words and hit Search, to see the options nationwide or select your area code to find the options within your area code. Each number is labeled with the phone company they are available from and any fees.

Our database is as up to date as possible but we don’t get the data in real time. With the millions and millions of numbers we are tracking, there are bound to be some changes from the time we are told that numbers are available and the time you are requesting them. There may also be some confusion on the numbers that are available at a phone company. That’s also why its important to use our request form, since that goes directly to the specific person with access to the right database within the organization.

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