For Sale

Vanity Numbers may be listed For Sale by the owner at These numbers will be shown in the search results. This helps to offset some of the cost of providing this valuable service. If you are interested in one of these numbers or would like to list your own number(s) there go to for more information.

Like other popular auction sites we don’t verify the ownership or end user rights of the lister but we can facilitate the payment process so that the payment won’t be released to the owner until the number has been confirmed to be transferred. Our goal is to make both the process and the market place, as open and transparent as possible, in order to help everyone get the best available numbers possible.

Some of the numbers listed were with phone companies that we approached and some are simply individuals who happened to have or get numbers which they felt would be valuable. is THE source for buying or selling the end user rights to Local Vanity Numbers. We don’t list or include toll free numbers there because of the regulations against hoarding and brokering toll free numbers, but those regulations don’t apply to local numbers. And because of the number of local area codes we really don’t think those regulations will be necessary either.

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