Q: Can I select a number and switch it to my existing carrier?
A: Yes, most of the vendors we work with offer local number portability. It should be indicated in our search results but you should also ask the vendor (politely) before activating the service, to confirm that though. You may have to transfer to an interim carrier if they don’t have direct portability with some companies. You may also need to keep it active for a period of time before transferring or porting the number. Again you usually can, but you should always confirm that directly with the carrier before ordering yourself as well.

Q: Can I resell a number?
A: Yes, you can resell it independently or through our listing service, at VanityNumbesForSale.com. If you list it with us, we will not only include it in all of our search results where appropriate but even give it priority in the search listings in some cases too.

Q: Do we provide the service for these numbers?
A: No, we are an independent search tool listing numbers available from a variety of vendors. We don’t own or market any numbers ourselves, and we don’t provide any phone services of any kind. We simply refer you to the phone company or owner of whatever number you select and you make the arrangements directly with them.

Q: Do we Charge anything for Searching numbers?
A: No, our service is totally free. We simply connect customers with a phone company or owner. We do this in order to earn a commission from the vendor, but that commission doesn’t change their rates or cost you anything. They already had a commission built into the price. You may also have a harder time if you don’t go through our system since we’ll refer you directly to the person you need to talk to, to get that number. Reaching the right person in a big company is very important. Other representatives may not be able to get that particular number or have the ability to search and select numbers at all. So it is clearly in your benefit to use the system and people we’ve worked out the process with as much as possible, and it helps to keep this cool tool totally free too!

Q: Can we negotiate to get you a specific number from an end user?
A: We track millions of numbers that phone companies have told us are available, but we can’t go request or negotiate for specific numbers. We have a private investigator that can get you the customer information but contacting the customer doesn’t require phone company experience. There’s no secret or magic to it, and the fewer people between you and the negotiation the better.

Q: Can we tell you the phone company and end user of a specific number?
A: We have a private investigator available that can get you the customer name and address for any local number. More to come on that.

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