Bill Quimby, the founder and president of VanityNumbers.com, is far and away, the world's leading expert on vanity numbers. He has personally helped tens of thousands of companies get vanity numbers over the past 15 years. His industry leading website TollFreeNumbers.com has long been the best source for toll free vanity numbers and now VanityNumbers.com is the site for Local Vanity Numbers.

VanityNumbers.com is not a phone company and does not own any vanity numbers. It is simply a search engine to find available numbers and it allows you to search all of the available numbers from multiple phone companies as well as numbers that owners have listed for sale individually. When you find a number you want we simply connect you with the phone company responsible for that number. Our search service is completely free to the customer at all times. Most phone companies provide a small commission for referring customers to them, so we hope that our visitors will mention that they were referred by us, and how much they liked our service.

We also make this search capability available to select phone companies to search within their existing pool of numbers. This should allow the companies that work with us to help their customers find better numbers too. We do this for free for the exposure that it provides for the premium numbers we have For Sale and for our toll free numbers. We also feel that iit's in our best interest to encourage everyone that wants it to be able to look for local vanity numbers. Customers have had this capability to search for vanity toll free numbers for a long time now and this is long overdue for local numbers now as well.

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